Teacher responsibilities
    Let your students know what your goals and standards are
    Give your students  “reasonable” expectations for learning how to dance    
    Know the truth about the historical origins of our dance and teach it
   Inspire your students to honor the culture
   Express the spirit of the dance while you teach
    Inspire your students to take the dance seriously - keep your standards high
    Your body is your teaching medium - keep it in shape
   Work hard - Have fun - Show your students they can gain satisfaction through  earned acheivemnt
    Continue learning - as a teacher you are always a student
Embrace change
   Try every method you know to teach your students to dance
  Listen to your students - ask  your students  what their personal dance goals are and help them achieve them
   Endeavour to be compassionate, honest, truthful and tactful with your students at all  times

Student responsibilities
    Listen to your teacher
   Irregardless of what you have learned elsewhere,   learn what your present teacher is teaching you now
   Know what your teachers goals and standards are - Is this a good student/ teacher match?
   Know what your personal dance goals  are and share them with your  teacher
  Practice Practice Practice
Work hard - Have fun - Gain satisfaction through  earned acheivemnt
  Endeavour to be honest and truthful about your abilities at all times
    Embrace change
   Honor the dance - talk about it - express it- execute it - share it with others
Be compassionate.  Your teacher gives you so much, don't just take. Give. Practice reciprocity   
   Let your  intentions be to  achieve a high standard of skill - be an example of that high standard no matter what level you are
   Never stop being a student no matter how accomplished you become

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